During this period the postulant will commit herself to deepen her understanding of God's call, and will gradually and serenely make the detachment spoken of in the Gospel. This is indispensable for a true personal encounter with Christ, and a more generous dedication to other. She will intensify her formation by sound experiences of prayer, community life, and the apostolate, by a more accurate doctrinal preparation, and a progressive assimilation of the spirit of Don Bosco and of Mother Mazzarello. (FMA Constitutions)

Postulants Sr. Patricia
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Postulants 2021 Kitchen

My life was filled with work and service, but God was calling me for more. When I realized He was calling me to religious life, I felt so unworthy. In awe of His continual love, I surrendered it all to Him and have begun the journey for which my heart has been made.

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