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The Exercise for a Happy Death

“The following is a practical way of making this Exercise: Choose the first day of the month or the first Sunday as the day for the Exercise. In the morning or the preceding evening reflect on death, which may perhaps be near, and might take you by surprise. Consider the way in which you have spent the past month. and above all, if there is anything that is troubling your conscience, and making you uneasy as to your lot in the next life, if you had to appear immediately before the tribunal of God. On the following day, go to Confession and receive Holy Communion, as though you were really at the point of death.

And as it is quite possible that yours may be a sudden death, either because of an accident, or an illness that leaves you no time to call a priest and receive the Last Sacraments, you should frequently during your life, even outside of Confession, make acts of perfect contrition for your sins and of perfect love of God. One such act. provided there is the desire to go to Confession, is sufficient at any time, and especially at the hour of death, to remove any sin and open the gates of heaven for us.

The Exercise for a Happy Death, made well each month. will help more than anything else to make sure that we die in the grace of God. The Exercise consists in choosing one day of each month and of spending it as though it were so be really our last day on this earth.”  - St. John Bosco

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