Sisterly Advice

We, too, have walked down the road of discernment and would like to offer you a little Sisterly advice for your journey.

Ask yourself if you trust God to make you happy wherever He calls you.

Sr. Monica

A life spent for others is a life well spent.

Sr. Guadalupe

Do not be afraid of commitment; otherwise, you will never fulfill your calling.

Sr. Diana

Put your trust in the Lord, take the hand of Mary and never let go.

Sr. Kathleen

Be open to God’s call and take a courageous step forward.

Sr. Margaret

Be the saint you are called to be.

Sr. Bernadette headshot
Sr. Bernadette

Do not be afraid to give yourself totally to God. He has already given Himself totally to you.

Sr. Angel
Sr. Angel

Seek out someone who will support you in your discernment.

Sr. Dolores
Sr. Dolores

God loves you immensely. Only He can fill your heart.

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Sr. Gloria

Have faith in God and He will provide you with everything you need.

Sr. Josie
Sr. Josie

Do not allow yourself to be chained by certitude. Seek peace, not certainty.

Sr. Jeanette current
Sr. Jeanette