Women in Formation

Through the process of growing and awareness of the call to follow Jesus in Salesian religious life, the young woman matures in her ability to answer God's call, in an ever more free and responsible way. (Plan of Formation)

We ask you to join us in prayer for these young women as they continue to discern their call to Salesian religious life! Click on the plus sign to learn more about everyone!


Liz Beltran


Hometown: Whittier, CA
University: UCLA, BA Psychology, Minor Education
Favorite Saint: St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. Maximilian Kolbe
Hobbies/Talents: Reading, long-boarding, running, singing praise and worship and eating ice cream!
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sisters? I love working with the youth and desire to bring all souls to the heart of the Father to whom they belong!

Brianna Cook

Brianna San Antonio Tx

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
University: UT Austin, BS Architectural Engineering
Favorite Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux
Hobbies/Talents: Photography, decorating, traveling
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? To accompany youth into a deep relationship with the person of Jesus because a life with Christ is beautiful and meaningful!

Ivona Kolak

Ivona Atlanta Ga

Hometown: Slip, Croatia
University: Georgia Institute of Technology, BS Business Adminstration
Favorite Saint: St. Anthony of Padua
Hobbies/Talents: Playing volleyball, biking, running, reading, traveling, learning new languages or skills
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister: To serve young people with joy, love, patience, kindness, and gentleness! To be a witness for Christ to the young and to bring their souls closer to Him! 

Elizabeth Wostarek

Elizabeth Austin Tx

Hometown: Austin, TX
University: University of Texas at San Antonio, BS Architecture
Favorite Saint: St. Therese of Lisieux
Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, reading, crafts
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I believe it is how God is guiding me to get to heaven and take as many people with me as possible! 


Theresa Kveton

Stephanie Mora


Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
University and Degree: Nevada State College; Bachelors in Elementary Education
Favorite Saint: I don't really have one, but I find the martyrs' lives to be especially inspiring like St. Jose Sanchez del Rio.
Hobbies/Talents: I like to draw, crochet, and do arts & crafts projects. I like gardening and kickboxing is fun. 
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I want to be a Salesian Sister to help the young people discover the biggest gift which is knowing and following Christ.


Sr. Krystle Balancio

Sr. Krystle

Hometown: Stockton, CA 
University and Degree: University of California Irvine, BA Sociology, Minors in Education and Biology
Favorite Saint: (besides the Blessed Mother, Mary Mazzarello and Don Bosco) St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Francis de Sales, San Lorenzo Ruiz, and the Korean Holy Martyrs. To be honest I admire the lives of many holy martyrs.
Hobbies/Talents: cooking, teaching elementary kiddos, playing piano, listening to Kpop, watching K-dramas, building puzzles, bonding with young people over everything Disney
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? To be a positive and life-giving encounter with Christ to all people God brings into my life, especially young people. To make use of the gifts and abilities God has given me to draw souls to Him. To respond to Christ's love for me and my deep love for Him.  To live, grow, and learn from Christ's example in this family of Salesian Sisters. To be a shining light and message to the world that God is soooo good!

Sr. Desiree Barron

Sr. Desiree

Hometown: Ranchester Wyoming
Favorite Saint: St. John Bosco, St. Joan of Arc, and St. Scholastica
Hobbies/Talents: I love to paint, play card games, draw and write and read fiction. 
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister?
Because Salesians have so much fun! In the Salesian Family, holiness is about following God with courage and joy! And that has always been the way I feel called to become a saint and bring others to holiness too! 

Sr. Gloria Hoang

Sr. Gloria

Hometown: Oakland, California
University Degree: University of California, Santa Cruz - Business Management Economics
Favorite Saint: St. John Bosco Hobbies/Talents: I love puzzles, strategy board games, volleyball, kickball and reading comic books!
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I love being among the young people, getting to know them individually and walking together towards Christ!

Sr. Evelyn Lopez

Sr. Evelyn

Hometown:Victorville CA
Favorite Saint: St Michael the Archangel, St Faustina 
Hobbies/Talents: Reading anything Salesian, Video Editing, Geocaching, Cleaning 
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I want to be a Salesian sister to save souls and to lead more people closer to Christ. 


Sr. Lucia Ramirez

Sr. Lucia

Hometown: Bellflower, CA
University and Degree: Loyola Marymount University, BS Electrical Engineering (EE) Tufts University, MS EE My
My First Favorite Saint: St. Teresa of Calcutta
Hobbies/Talents: Music! Singing and guitar playing, and Sports! Volleyball, basketball
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? Accompany the young on their walk towards Jesus with the generous motherly heart of Mary.

Sr. Kresentia Sugiaman

Sr. Kresentia

Hometown: Missouri City, TX
University and Degree: The University of Texas at Austin, BS Civil Engineering Favorite Saint: St. Pope John Paul II and St. Therese of Lisieux
Hobbies/Talents: puzzles, board games, ultimate frisbee, and art
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? With Mary's help, to give my yes to God's call to holiness and to accompany young people to heaven!

Sr. Alejandra Treviño


Hometown: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
University and Degree: Sam Houston State University - Interdisciplinary Studies, BA and International Literacy, MEd
Favorite Saint: Saint Teresa of Calcutta
Hobbies/Talents: Making crafts
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I want to be a Salesian Sister to share the love of God and invite others to be holy, in a special way the young and the most in need. 

Rose Enyeart


Madeline Galaz

Sr. Maddy

Hometown: San Bernardino, CA
Favorite Saint: St. Pio de Pietrilcina
Hobbies/Talents: Plays guitar and drums, draws sketches
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I want to be a Salesian Sister because I believe it is my personal path to holiness and because I love working, playing, and serving with the young people - especially the "challenging" ones!

Jr. Professed

Sr. Chelsy Sanchez

Img 2772

Sr. Jackie Sardina

Img 2778

Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
University and Degree: The Catholic University of America, B.A. Theology and Philosophy; Notre Dame, Master of Divinity
Favorite Saint: St. Faustina, St. Chiara Luce Badano, St. John Bosco
Hobbies/Talents: Singing, running, cooking
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I praise God that He has called me to this beautiful life with Him. To be a Salesian Sister is to follow Christ deeply, to be so filled with His love that you offer your whole self back to Him for the sake of young people. I'm just beginning my journey as an FMA, but I still wake up each day grateful that He has chosen me.

Sr. Valeria Jimenez


Hometown: San Diego, CA
University and Degree: Early Childhood 
Favorite Saint: St. Joseph
Hobbies/Talents: Digital Design / Crafting / Dancing 
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? “I want to be a Salesian sister to offer my life as a joyful faith response to Jesus’ love for me, and as an expression to share such love to educate, empower and evangelize the young people in the way of St John Bosco and St Mary Mazzarello.”

Sr. Claire Ramos

Img 3034

Sr. Shaila Mathai


Hometown: Aurora, CO
University and Degree: Doctorate of Pharmacy from Florida A & M University 
Favorite Saint: St. Francis de Sales, St. Teresa of Calcutta 
Hobbies/Talents: Hiking, Sewing 
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I desire to serve God and others and felt that God was calling me from the time I was young. I didn't know how to respond or where to go. When I met the Salesian Sisters something tugged inside of me. The joy and peace I experience in following God's will, sharing Jesus with the young, and being understood and loved by my Sisters cannot be expressed in words. 

Sr. Lien Phan

Img 2776

Hometown: San Jose, California
University and Degree: I am studying to Early Childhood Studies Certificates level II and  Associate of Arts in teaching EC-6 
Favorite Saint: Rose of Lima
Hobbies/Talents: Listen to music, hiking, playing cards with our dear Sisters
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I love being with kids and helping them to be "Good Christians and honest citizens"

Sr. Cherilly Galley

Img 3033

Hometown: Rialto, CA
University and Degree: Studying at Our Lady of the Lake University, BA Music Education
Favorite Saint: St. Joseph and St. Therese of Lisieux
Hobbies/Talents: Reading, playing piano and guitar, singing.
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? I am in love with Jesus and I want to bring young people to HIM!

Sr. Monica Wheeler

Img 2773

Hometown: Springfield KY
University and Degree: UTSA, Education: early childhood -6th grade
Favorite Saint: Mary Mazzarello and JPll
Hobbies/Talents: playing guitar and violin, singing, going on nature hikes, having fabulous conversation and learning about everything!!! (but especially theology and science.)
Why do you want to be a Salesian Sister? Because I have found an unbelievable peace, joy and sense of meaning in giving my life completely to Christ for the sake of his little ones.