The Blessed Mother Loves Us Very Much!

By Sr. Rosann Ruiz, Western Province Provincial

St. John Bosco and St. Mary Mazzarello never tired of reminding youth and their families that the Blessed Mother loves us very much! Love and devotion to Mary Help of Christians was the propelling force behind the tremendous works of both saints, and the force behind our work today. Our goal for our 150th Anniversary in 2022 is to ignite a powerful blaze of devotion to our Lady––a blaze that will spread like the wildest fire ever known. As Don Bosco often said, “Trust in Mary and you will know what miracles are!” This is news worth catching the world on fire.

As a Salesian Family, do we want to spread the work of St. John Bosco? Then let us spread devotion to Mary Help of Christians and help all to realize that our Lady wants to give us graces to stay on the path of God’s plan. She will help you to be an instrument for your children, family and friends in giving them the inspiration and tools they need. Nothing gives us more joy than to follow God’s plan towards our goal of Eternal Happiness.

The world is smothering us with messages of another kind, misleading and confusing our youth with false promises of happiness. Let us pray the Rosary and ask Mary to lead us in

ways that will help the Salesian Family encourage youth to turn to God with their whole mind, soul and body.

Through the Rosary and novena of Mary Help of Christians, Our Lady will guide and inspire us to be a powerful force in the salvation of youth. Don’t lament if all you can do is a

small thing, for all the small things add up to a huge, powerful movement. Maybe it’s by being faithful to a daily Rosary or Mass––or by helping a Salesian Priest, Brother, Sister, youth minister, teacher, or a parish worker with a project or program. There is so much to be done, and every helping hand, mind and heart goes a long way.

The last thing I wish to share is expressed so beautifully in the Rector Major’s closing prayer of this year’s strenna:

Holy Mary, Mother of God, our Mother,

teach us to believe, to hope and to love with you.

Show us the road to the Kingdom.

Star of the sea, shine on us and guide us on our journey.

Can you imagine! The very Mother of God is our Mother too. When we find it difficult to believe and to hope, we can turn to her. When we find it hard to love, we can love through Mary, and she will make our efforts fruitful.

Thank you for being a Salesian Family! Don Bosco himself said that without the help of all of us as FAMILY, he would not have been able to accomplish what he did for youth! The world needs the Salesian Family and the love, guidance, teaching and protection of our dear Mary Help of Christians. Your perseverance and fidelity in faith lights the path for youth

to find their way!

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