Fake News or Truth

Fake News and Truth By Rosann Ruiz, FMA

Today we still hear the age old question of Pilate before Jesus, “Quid est veritas?” What is truth? What do we believe? What should we believe? CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, EWTN, FOX, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times? This is a question that can have life or death consequences today. I can’t help but think that the same spirit that moved the mob condemning Jesus before Pilate is the same spirit moving the internet and the first-to-report, knee-jerk cycle in the media. There is a force in the media, comparable to the malice of the Sanhedrin moving the mob before Pilate, sculpting our nation’s thinking and wasting the nation’s resources according to ideologies and plots contrary to God’s designs.

A good Lenten practice is to grow in hatred of lies and to grow in the discipline of truth-telling. More than ever, we need to call upon the HOLY SPIRIT to have a discerning approach when we view or read hit political pieces, unconscionable allegations, sensational talk-shows and posts. We need Christ’s attitude before Pilate, pausing, questioning, and praying for the SPIRIT OF TRUTH to reign in our hearts and in our land.

Challenge defines every age. Only lived-faith can meet these challenges and transform them into sterling victory. Lived-faith is illuminated by the light of truth. The TRUTH is the only GPS that leads us to heaven. There is nothing worse than struggling to stay on the road without a good GPS signal. When we feel lost, the TRUTH will help us find our way.

Today, no one can say that we lack guides leading us in the LIGHT. Those of you who have lived as long as I have, have seen the world being lead by saintly Popes such as, Pope Pius XII and our three Saints, St. Paul VI, St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II and now, our living Saint, Pope Francis. We have seen six successors of St. John Bosco and six successors of St. Mary Mazzarello. Then, not to mention, all the writings and inspirational biographies of Saints since Jesus walked with us on earth. We watch the News, we read the News. This Lent, compare our News watching and reading to how much time we spend reading, contemplating and praying the GOOD NEWS, realizing that the only thing that can set us free is the TRUTH.

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